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Travel Costs

Annual maximum limit/person:
A maximum of € 2.800,-- per person can be made available biennially to academic university staff of the faculty using funds from the global budget. In the framework of current qualification agreements, as well as for junior scientists, this maximum limit may be exceeded under exceptional circumstances.

Exceeding the annual maximum limit - exceptions:
Exceeding the aforementioned maximum limit may be approved according to the cooperation agreement (= ABZ-Innenaufträge).

  • Travelling activities under the granting of a travel allowance are based on the guidelines of profitability, purposefulness, economy and legitimacy.
  • An approved application (leave of absence under granting of a travel allowance) must be present before the undertaking of the journey.
  • These applications have to be submitted through official channels (which means from the academic unit to the respective dean´s office) to the personnel unit. These have to be supplied three weeks before the undertaking of the journey and submitted to the dean´s office. An application is considered submitted upon reaching the dean´s office/organizational unit.
  • If more employees of an academic/administrative unit apply for a travelling activity for the same purpose, these applications shall be submitted through official channels at the same time.

Travelling costs:
For domestic rail journeys with the Austrian Federal Railway (ÖBB) you are permitted only to use business cards as tickets (obtainable at the employee organization for the scientific university staff).  If you do not use the business card only the business card for the economy class can be substituted. For international rain journeys the economy rate can be included in the cost estimate.

Costs for air trips can only be substituted if the distance is more than 300 railway kilometers and the total costs (costs for travelling and overnight stays) can be reduced. As a basic principle the economy class has to be used for air trips.

Overnight stays
Austria: to a maximum amount of EUR 110,--
Europe: to a maximum amount of EUR 160,--
Non-European destinations: to a maximum amount of EUR 200,--

Only one application can be made per journey. You have to attach:

  • A precise cost estimate of the expected costs (travelling costs, hotel costs, congress fee etc.). Within the cost estimate you have to include all costs for which you apply for, including your travelling subsidy. If costs are not mentioned they cannot be considered (also within accounting).
  • An invitation or program
  • The acceptance letter for the conducting of a presentation for active participation

100% of the actual (proved) costs are approved (active participation: presentations, poster). The approved percentage of the actual (and not of the applied/requested) costs will be paid out so long as the actual costs are not higher than the applied/requested amount.
Only university assistants without doctorate degrees will also receive assistance for participating in conferences.

Journeys via third party funds or travel allowance for staff funded by third parties are to be financed by third party funds. In the event of travelling activities via third party funds, the application after acceptance of the travel allowance has to be submitted by the authorized project leader to the personnel unit. The application of the project leader has to be approved by the responsible dean.

The authorized project leader is responsible for a content review and the confirmation though her/his signature of the accounts of travel allowances. Accounts of travel allowances from the authorized project leader her/himself have to be signed by the responsible dean or the responsible vice-rector.

Business trips can be applied

  • For journeys on behalf of the rector, the university director or by order of the Federal Ministry
  • For journeys of members of university-law conform bodies, committees and organizations that are necessary for the exercise of this function
  • For accompanying persons at compulsory excursions – compulsory excursions have to be approved by the dean!
  • For the non-scientific university staff for participation in training/educational events

Policy by the Rector's Office on Granting Travel Allowances to Members of the Academic University Staff


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