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Field of Research for Environmental System Sciences

Institute of System Sciences, Innovation and Sustainability (ISIS)

Our areas of application include the dealings of Human-Environment-Systems, including the impact of global change, where the management of resources and technology, as well as learning processes of sustainability, are the main fields of application of our research. More details ...

  • Resource managemenet
  • Sustainable learning
  • Technology management

Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change

We are a competence center for regional climate research of international recognition that integrates climate, environmental, and socio-economic research. Maintaining at the same time a global view, we contribute excellent research in the field of global Earth observation and stewardship in climate and environmental change.
We organize our research into four areas implemented by research groups and a joint focus. More details ...

  • Atmospheric Remote Sensing and Climate System Research (ARSCliSys group)
  • Regional and Local Climate Modeling and Analysis Research (ReLoClim group)
  • Climate Processes and Environmental Meteorology Research Group (ClimEMet group)
  • Economics of Climate and Environmental Change Research (EconClim group)
  • Regional Integrated Modeling and Studies (RegIMOS joint research focus)




Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Anke Strüver

Institut für Geographie und Raumforschung

Institut für Geographie und Raumforschung

Phone:+43 316 380 - 5138

bitte Termin über sabine.schwarzl@uni-graz.at machen

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