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Field of Research for Geography

Institute of Geography and Regional Sciences

  • Human Geography and Regional Development ...

is concerned with processes and strategies of spatial development in rural and peripheral regions, urban structures, processes and management, spatial planning, regional and community development, innovation and transformation in tourism, as well as issues concerning the quality of life and mobility.

  • Physical geographical research and environmental research ...

is done in the following areas: high mountain, permafrost, and glacier research, environment monitoring and modelling, questions of climatology (weather and regional climatology, micro and agricultural climatology, urban and environment climatology), hydro geographic research, process geomorphology and morphogenesis, geo ecological terrain research and disposal management.

deal with competences in geo statistics and spatial analysis, geographic information systems,  geographic remote sensing and digital cartography. More details ...

Regional Centre of Expertise

In line with the UN Decade “education for sustainable development (2005 – 2014)” a worldwide initiative was started to build „Regional Centres of Expertise – Education for Sustainable Development“ (RCEs). Since 2007, RCE Graz-Styria is officially acknowledged by the United Nations University and contributes to a worldwide experience and knowledge transfer of regional aspects. RCE Graz-Styria offers activities in the fields of education and Lifelong Learning as well as creation of regional value for a sustainable development.
The mission of the RCE Graz - Styria is to create innovation for sustainable development in society by education, process development and knowledge exchange between global and local as well as science and practice.
The objectives are: (1) Creating a network of local and global sustainability initiatives
(2) Project initiation and consultation in the fields of education for sustainable development, regional development, tourism and innovation transfer, (3) Supporting a worldwide experience transfer by means of the 'Global Learning Space for a Sustainable Development'Raising awareness for a sustainable development among society
Regional Centre for Didactics in Geography and Economy (RFDZ-GW)

The RFDZ-GW is a cooperation of the Department of Geography and Regional Science, the Catholic University College for Education Graz, the University of Teacher Education Styria and the Provincial Government of Styria The main goal is to improve education and training for teachers in the subject Geography and Economy through close collaboration with all institutions involved in the education of teachers. The tasks range from didactics research to development of teaching materials as well as lifelong learning offers.


Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Anke Strüver

Institut für Geographie und Raumforschung

Institut für Geographie und Raumforschung

Phone:+43 316 380 - 5138

bitte Termin über sabine.schwarzl@uni-graz.at machen

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