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Excellence scholarship

Requirements for the award of scholarships for the calendar year 2019 by the URBi-Faculty

Enacted on the authorisation of the director of studies, published within the bulletin on 17. April 2019

Students of the following fields of studies can apply at the URBi-Faculty:

  • Bachelor Programme Geography
  • Master Programme High Mountain Geography and Climatology
  • Master Programme Sustainable Urban and Regional Development
  • Master Programme Geo-Spatial-Technology
  • Master Joint degree: Sustainable Development
  • Diploma Programme Education
  • Bachelor Programme Education
  • Master Programme Social Pedagogy
  • Master Programme Adult Education – Lifelong Learning
  • Master Programme Inclusive Education
  • Diploma Programme Sports Sciences
  • Bachelor Programme Sports Science and Kinesiology
  • Master Programme Sports Science and Kinesiology
  • Bachelor Programme USW Geography
  • Master Programme USW Geography
  • Bachelor Programme USW Business Administration
  • Master Programme USW Business Administration
  • Bachelor Programme USW Economics
  • Master Programme USW Economics
  • Teaching subject Geography and teaching subject Kinesiology and Sports
  • Doctorates: Geography, Education, Sports Sciences and USW

1. Subject of sponsorship
Scholarships shall support non-completed scientific works (in particular diploma or master theses and dissertations) of students in ordinary study programmes that incur costs, for example:

  • Residence inside and/or outside of the country related to the topic of the work
  • Participation in theme-specific symposia und congresses
  • Field work
  • Complex literature research
  • Empirical studies
  • Costs for overnight stays to regionally appropriate areas (receipt absolutely necessary)
  • Per diems only in obviously reasonable cases
  • Printing costs for the publication of the work with a maximum allowance of € 400,00 € (confirmation of the publisher)

Ordinary students with Austrian citizenship, equal foreigners, stateless persons and refugees are allowed to apply. According to § 24 , part of the statute “plan for the advancement of women”, published in the bulletin / university gazette no. 34a on 30.5.2012, women will be particularly privy for scholarships.

2. Amount of the scholarship
A scholarship shall not fall below € 750,-- and exceed € 3.600,--. The award shall be made within the private sector administration, via application through the dean and vice-dean of studies respectively. There is no legal entitlement to a scholarship. The award is independent of any social needs of the applicant.
The legal basis for this is found within the Student Support Act 1992 under §§ 2 to 5 (benefited group of people), §§ 19 and 19 (duration of entitlement, reasons for extension) and §§ 63 and 67 (call and award of scholarships).

3. Persons entitled for applications
Students of ordinary study programmes of the URBi-faculty at the University of Graz with Austrian citizenship, equal foreigners and stateless persons are permitted to apply.
The applicant must be within the proper time of study to be eligible for the scholarships according to §18 StudFG (minimum duration of study time + semester of tolerance per study period) at the time of application. The duration of entitlement may be extended if the student can prove that the time of study has been exceeded due to important reasons (see § 19 par. 2 StudFG).

4. Deadlines for application
Applications can be submitted at the dean’s office of the URBi-Faculty during the following periods:

       29 April – 03 June 2019

       23 September – 31 October 2018 

The following minimum requirements must be met:

  • Start and implementation of a non-completed work.
  • The scientific work must be worthy of sponsorship according to both content and method
  • Fulfilling the duration of entitlement according to StudFG considering possible important reasons for the particular study programme
  • After the awarding of the scholarship the scholarship holder is obliged to report that the subsidies are used according to the regulations (§ 67 par. 3 StudFG)
  • Information must be provided in written form concerning possible sanctions due to reporting not within the deadline or in the case of using the subsidies not according to the regulations.

5. Content of the application

  • The respective application form (doc) has to be filled electronically
  • Copies of all certifications of diploma examinations, the certificate of successful course completion of those performances which do not appear within the final certification (original obtainable at the study and examination office)
  • Latest record of scholarly achievement (printout from UNIGRAZonline)
  • Resume
  • Description of the content of the planned work
  • Specification of costs and a financial plan (information about costs believed to be incurred and their usage/purpose) doc (please complete electronically)
  • Submission of at least one review (as a rule by the supervisor of the scientific work) on the specification of costs and if the student will be able  to carry out the work with elan and success based on previous academic behaviour, and the proposals for the implementation of the work
  • Submission of the approved application concerning the announcement of the topic of the diploma and master thesis and the dissertation respectively (copy)
  • Relevant evidence on the extended duration of entitlement (§§ 18, 19 StudFG) (e.g. due to maternity leave, illness, military service, stay abroad)

6. Expenditures, which will not be supported

  • Acquisition costs for items with a multiannual life-time, which stay in the ownership of the scholarship holder (e.g. laptop, computer, printer, suitcase)
  • Acquisition costs for books which are available in a library in Graz or at an institute in sufficient quantity
  • Lump sum costs for overnight stays as well as regular expense allowances
  • Travelling cost from the place of residence to the place of study
  • Travelling costs with exception of those for a train ticket of the 2. class, flights in economy class (weekend charge, red ticket), and costs for public transport, to get to the train station or airport
  • Cost incurred by participation in an evening programme at a symposium or excursions at congresses
  • Office supplies
  • Costs for reproductions and bindings of diploma and master theses as well as dissertations

7. Information about the award of the scholarship
The applicant will be informed about the decision on their application by the dean’s office of the respective faculty as soon as possible.

8. Possibility for revocation of the scholarship; lapse of partial amounts
If it becomes apparent that the task to be completed by the awardee will not be fulfilled within the deadline of the respective faculty and/or the subsidies are not used according to the regulations, the awarded subsidies will be reclaimed and any unpaid amounts will be withheld.

9. Information
Mr. Mario Perner (380-8045) is available for further information.

Dean of studies and vice-dean of studies hon.


Mario Perner
Merangasse 18/EG, 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 8045
Fax:+43 (0)316 380 - 9709


Silvia Sackl
Merangasse 18/EG, 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 8010
Fax:+43 (0)316 380 - 9709

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